WatSub is currently in the process of designing DARWIN. It will be based upon CLAIRE with its non-propeller system and electronic steering.  

CLAIRE competed in the International Submarine Races in 2019 in the single-seater non-propeller category. It was a single-seater and had a brand-new non-propeller system with a carbon fiber hull. CLAIRE was designed with electronic steering.  

BOLT was named after the Jamaican sprinter and gold medalist Usain Bolt. BOLT competed in the International Submarine Races in 2017. It was a one-person submarine with carbon fiber hull and counter-rotating, fixed pitch propellers. BOLT participated in the single-seater propeller category. 

Our first project, project A, was named AMY after the American female Olympic winner, and gold medalist Amy Van Dyken. It was a single pilot and fixed-pitch propeller submarine. AMY competed in the European International Submarine Races in 2016 in the single-seater propeller category. AMY received an award for preseverance. 

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